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Our APET sheet is widely considered to be the highest quality APET sheet available in the market today. Our distinctive surface finish provides our customers with an ease of processing and printing that is unparalleled. Understanding that no two jobs are alike, we at Hop Industries have developed several grades of our APET sheets to better help them meet the needs and challenges of our customers.

EcoPet supplies all kinds of thermoforming APET sheet rolls with anti-fog, scratch-resistant, anti-static, conductive, and high barrier properties. The thickness is between 0.18~2.0mm and the width is between 300~1400mm. The products are of high quality and low price, welcome to purchase!

Product Information

APET (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) sheet, chemically named non-crystalline polyethylene terephthalate, is a kind of blister material. APET Blister Material Polyester Sheet is a thermoplastic eco-friendly plastic product.

Its side material and waste can be recycled. The chemical elements involved are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen like paper, which is a degradable plastic. After packaging products made from this material are discarded, they eventually become water and carbon dioxide.



  • Good Thermoforming Properties.
  • High Transparency.
  • Non-toxic, Environmentally Friendly and Pollution-free.
  • High Gloss.
  • Good Mechanical Properties.
  • Good Barrier Performance.
  • Good Low Temperature Resistance.
  • Good Friction Resistance.
  • Good Printing Performance.
  • Easy To Metallize.
  • Recyclable.


Test Parameters

Test Method


Standard Values with tolerance


ASTM – D 6988


200 to 1200 (±5%)

Roll width

ISO 4592


Slit rolls (±1)

Jumbo rolls (±2)

Gloss – @ 20 degree

ASTM – D 2457

( % )


Shrinkage @ 80°C for 15min (in MD, TD)

DIN 53377



For thickness 300u .

< 5

For thickness > 300u .

< 3


ASTM-D 792


1.33 (± 0.02)

Pendulum Impact Strength

ISO 8256


> 450

Tensile strength at Peak
(Jaw separation speed @ 20mm/Min)

ASTM – D 882



Vicat Softening Point (@ 5 kg load)

ASTM -D 1525


71 (2 )

Surface Tension

ASTM-D 2578



Light Transmission




Thermoforming temperature (of film)


° C

120 – 160

Denest / Slip treatment


(1)Surface Silicone coated.
(2)Internal Anti-block structure
(As per customer requirement)

Colour / Tone

Visual (Cust ref. Sample)


As per customer requirements

Purchase Notice 

MOQ    5 tons
Price Range    90,000/- To 1,30,000/- INR/Ton.
Supply Ability    7 – 10 Tons
Delivery time    715 Days
Sample Available    Yes

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