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Metallization of PET sheets commonly referred to as m-PET sheets, performed under vacuum conditions, is a proven technique to obtain metallic forms for special optical properties or decorative applications. It also helps reduce the diffusion of gases and flavors through the film. A commonly used metal in metallizing PET sheets is aluminum. Many other metals are also not used prominently in this process.


Metallized films have a reflective silver surface similar to aluminum foil and are highly flammable. The coating also reduces the film’s permeability to light, water and oxygen. The film retains properties, such as high toughness, heat sealing ability, and low density at a lower cost than aluminum foil.

Purchase Notice

MOQ                              1 ton
Price Range                  105/- To 150/- INR/Kilogram
Thickness                      1.5 – 2mm, 2.5 – 3mm
Color                               Silver
Sample Available          Yes

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